Children's Therapy Network utilizes a collaborative approach to assess each child's needs.

The team approach includes a team of highly trained therapist, who take into consideration the parents needs as well as information provided by other caregivers involved in your child's life. Our therapists utilize a series of standardized tests, many which are specific for your child's difficulty. These tests give a standardized result or performance which is useful in determining the services which may be needed. These tests are also useful when speaking with other agencies such as schools, physicians, day cares, etc to provide the needed services which may otherwise be refused to your child.

Children's Therapy Network utilizes the natural environmental approach to enhance your child's carryover and demonstrate the usefulness of household and community surroundings that can assist your child. By utilizing the natural environment, the family is immersed in the therapeutic approach which assists in the empowerment of the entire family. Additionally, CTN does have a fully functional clinic set in a quaint Victorian home in order to maintain a natural environment for those children who are best served out of the home.

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