An Early Interventionist (EI) is usually a non-licensed personnel, but is highly trained in child development.

Many EIs have degrees in teaching or child care. EIs are also known as Infant Specialists and often are utilized to supplement the therapy that your child may be receiving from the above therapies. An Early Interventionist is an integral part of the therapy team as they often address cognitive, pragmatic, play, and early language skills.

An Early Interventionist is NEVER to be a replacement for a licensed therapist. However, after careful evaluation by a therapist it may be determined that an EI is the best suited person to address your child’s needs. The reason for this may be because of the minor delays that a child has that can easily be addressed by an EI.

An Early Interventionist may be utilized for additional support to the licensed therapist and may work on:

  • Cognitive skills
  • Early pre-school skills
  • Play and pragmatic skills necessary for interaction with peers
  • Self esteem and self identification skills
  • Pre-Language skills
  • Support to the primary therapist
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