“It Takes Two to Talk”, Hanen ® Class is in high Demand!! An intensive 14 week parenting class for families with children who suffer from language difficulties. Learn how to promote your child’s Language skills.

September 2008

The Hanen class is an intensive parenting class for parents of children with language delays. This class is perfect for children with slow language development, special needs, and autism.

Tri-Counties Regional Center as contracted with Children’s Therapy network to provide this intensive language class. In September 2008, there was such a high demand, that CTN had to teach two simultaneous classes. CTN is teaching a English and a Spanish Class back to back, with both classes full. Because of such a high demand for this class, and the increase in communication disorders Regional Center has requested an additional bilingual class in Fillmore starting in February 2009.

This class takes place once a week for 14 weeks and will address practice tools that parents can use to promote language development with everyday activities. The families will have an initial and final progress evaluation by a licensed speech therapist, two one on one video taping sessions with the speech therapist and the opportunity to meet other parents of like minds.

Parents who have completed this course report significant improvement in their child’s language and state that they feel much more empowered to help their child communicate and decrease frustration. “This is a great class”.

It is estimated that 8-12% of all preschool children have a language delay, and that nearly 2/3 of these children continue to exhibit delays after kindergarten. More then half of these children are found to display learning and reading disabilities and require special education placement. Additionally language delays have been found to have a profound affect on social development and the ability to “fit in” during school and adult years.

“It Takes Two to Talk” program has shown to dramatically improve a child’s ability to communicate and empowers parents to feel they can make a positive difference in their child’s communication skills. This alone assists with creating a lasting positive bound between child and parent and decrease negative behaviors by more then 25%.

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Children’s Therapy Network Inc. is dedicated to helping families with special needs children reach their highest potential. CTN inc works through a comprehensive therapeutic approach including parenting classes to empower and motivate parents to believe in the possibility of a brighter future for their children.

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