Occupational Therapy for children is used to assist the child participate in their occupation.

You may wonder what occupation is there for a child. Children’s occupation is to play, grow and learn. The OT at Children’s Therapy Network assist the children they work with achieve skills that will allow them to participate in life’s skills such as social emotional, fine motor, self care and performance in the classroom and playground. Occupational therapy may also address feeding and pragmatic skills needed for independent and healthy interaction with their peers and community.

Occupational Therapy may work on:

  • Fine Motor skills
  • Hand writing skills
  • Oral motor and feeding skills
  • Sensory integration
  • Self help skills
  • Visual motor skills

As with most therapy with children, occupational therapy may look like play. However, our therapist relay on an extensive training that allows them to choose the most appropriate activity that will best address a child’s delay. It has been found that children have a better participation and carry over, when therapy appears to be like play.

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