SHE’S HAVING A BABY!! The owner of Children’s Therapy Network is expecting her first child.

October 2008

Cassandra Woods PT, and CEO of Children’s Therapy Network is expecting her first child. After 8 years of specializing in the treatment of children and working with hundreds of families, Cassandra is finally going to be a mom herself.

Cassandra Woods has been a PT working with kids since 2000 and opened Children’s Therapy Network in 2004. She has specialized in pediatric therapy, nutrition, sensory integration, and infant massage. She has taught several infant massage classes and presented seminars in sensory integration across the country. But she has never had the joy of having her own child to experience the love and bounding that she has been teaching for years.

Wendy Koen-Burnett SLP, states “Cassie (Cassandra) is a natural for growing and nurturing those around her, she is going to be a fantastic mother.” Veronica Delgado, billing manager, states “We are so excited to have a new baby. We already have the pack and play to put in Cassie’s office. We all just love kids and babies; it is going to be great to have Cassie bring her baby to work.”

With the help of her staff and her friends, Cassandra is blazing a trail for other single mothers. Cassandra has surrounded herself with support as she will continue to be the owner and CEO of CTN while she natures, loves, and raises her first child as a single mother.

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