Pediatric Speech therapy addresses a child’s ability to communicate with their families and those around them.

You may ask what communication is. Communication can be anything from the actual spoken language, to signing, to eye contact, and non-verbal communication. Communication may also include digital or adaptive devices to assist with communication. The Speech Therapists or Speech and Language Pathologists (SLP) at Children’s Therapy Network may work on all of the above mentioned forms of communication mentioned previously. Our SLPs will also evaluate your child using standardized protocols that address your primary concern about your child’s communication.

Speech therapy may utilize:

  • Oral Motor activities
  • Facial strengthening
  • Sensory integration
  • Object and picture identification
  • Receptive language skills
  • Expressive language skills
  • Articulation skills
  • Reading skills

Speech therapy may take place utilizing table top (sitting) activities or adventures into the environment for natural stimulation of language. As with all pediatric therapy, this may look like play, but it utilizes specialized techniques to encourage participation.

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