Children’s Therapy Network utilizes the power of the human animal connection to ease the tension that children may feel when entering a new environment.

The animal human connection has been well documented and researched to in fact decrease stress, decrease heart rate, and increase the receptiveness to outside intervention. Animals have been used in a therapeutic setting for many years due to the positive emotional impact on humans.

Children’s Therapy Network has one certified therapy dog named Lucy currently making home visits and is our friendly door greeter at our office. Lucy has been a certified therapy dog since 2006 and enjoys the attention that she receives from the parents and the children. Lucy is often helpful when attempting to stimulate language and physical motor activities, as children will often talk to or play with Lucy before they will interact with the human therapist. Lucy is a 6 year old medium sized, short hair, mixed breed.

Patchy is our therapy dog in training. Patchy is only 6 months old, so she still has puppy training. However, while Patchy is still in training, she shows the potential to be a very useful and energetic addition to our pet therapy family. Patchy is a small shitzu maltice mix, and will be useful to utilize with the children who may be intimidated by the larger size of Lucy.

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