Children’s Therapy Network Inc. values the opinions of our clients.

We welcome and ask for feedback about any of the aspects of CTN. CTN believes that listening to our clients and parents is the only way to further improve our program, as well as provided the needed classes that are most needed or desired. Here are a few of the comments that have been made from our parents.


Stacey and Scott Larson


Thank you for being so wonderful with our son, and for being so positive and encouraging. You have made such a great impact on our son and on our entire family.

Thanks so much.


Candance Bryant

To Whom it May Concern

It is with great pleasure that I write this letter of recommendation for Cassandra (Cassie) Woods.

I have a four year old granddaughter, Emma, with Angelman Syndrome, a neuro-genetic disorder which results in profound physical and cognitive delays, seizures disorder and the inability to speak. I first met Cassie in January 2005 through the Tri-Counties Regional Center when Cassie was assigned as Emma’s physical Therapist. The relationship carried on throughout Emma’s first year at pre-school.

Emma was 14 months old at the time of Cassie’s Arrival and her skills were far below those of a typical child her age. Emma was able to sit for a very short period of time, but was unable to get into a sitting position without assistance. Emma was also unable to roll, crawl, pull herself up, or obtain skills that now serve as a strong foundation for her on-going therapies.

Cassie was, and continues to be, an invaluable resource for the family. She has a vast knowledge of programs and provides direction and guidance when additional services were required for Emma. Cassie also attended the Individual Education Plan (IEP) meeting where goals and therapies for Emma’s transition out of the Early Intervention Program and into the school system were discussed. She provided valuable insight to Emma’s strengths and weaknesses, which added to the development of a strong IEP for Emma.

Cassie holds a Masters in Physical Therapy, and a is currently working on her doctorate, also in physical therapy. Cassie sees the person, not the disability; she interacts with the entire family not just the client. In my opinion, Cassie is a prime example of what a physical therapist should be.

I would whole wholeheartedly recommend Cassie to any individual or family looking for a well-trained, enthusiastic and caring therapist.


Stephanie Lopez

I am a mother of special needs twin boys and Cassandra Woods with Children’s Therapy Network was my boys physical therapist for the first three years of their lives. I don’t think they would be where they are today if it wasn’t for her knowledge and professionalism along with her caring and down to earth personality. She has definitely made a tremendous impact and they have greatly benefited from her services on their development. I am very grateful for all she has done.

Thank you Cassandra!


Amanda Pillado

  • I learned different ways to work with my son, ways to get him to respond in conversation.
  • Since I began the class, I started repeating words with Bryan and then showed him the sign. After awhile he began using the words.
  • Bryan does not seem shy anymore. He’s not afraid to speak to people.
  • This program opens your eyes to many different ways of communication with your child.
  • Every session was helpful and enjoyable, but the most memorable was when I got to learn a new way of teaching and Bryan began a new way to communicate.
  • The location was perfect – right down the street from me.
  • The one-on-one individual visits made us feel important. Having you help me with what I was doing well and what need more work helped me make more progress with Bryan’s communication.
  • The It Takes Two to Talk parent guidebook is a great book for every parent.
  • In the Hanen class I learned to slow down, take my time to speak with Bryan, and make sure he understands what is being said.

I would like to thank you, Katie, for all that you have done for our children, and for the children you have already helped. You are wonderful at what you do. Keep going – we will miss you. Thank you!


Skye Rodriguez

  • I learned to listen more and wait more for what my son wants.
  • He has said more words and is trying to say more words now.
  • It’s a good program because you will learn more about yourself and how to work with your kids.
  • I really liked the video tapes we did – it helped me improve on working with my son.
  • I really appreciate Katie for helping me and by talking with me, and coming over to my home to help me with what to do better in teaching my son.
  • The most helpful aspects of the program were the individual visits and feedback, and meeting other parents with similar problems.

I want to say thank you for the class. It helped me to understand and what to do with my son in order to work better with him on language skills.


Regina Nunez

  • I am now more aware of my interactions with Ian so that I can be more proactive with his language development.
  • I learned to go slower, use fewer words, use more repetitions of words and phrases, use more creative play, and have different expectations for his language.
  • Ian is now saying more words than before the program started.
  • Katie Lee is an angel – don’t lose her!
  • The frustration level is now reduced for both Ian and myself!

I think the program is great just he way it is – don’t change it. Thank you for providing a program way out here in Fillmore!

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